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Vizsla (Hungarian)

The Vizsla breed originated in Hungary. The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla are the smallest of the all-round pointer-retriever breeds.

They are sporting dogs and excellent hunters of game birds. They have an excellent sense of smell and are easily trained. Vizslas are excellent retrievers and swimmers; therefore they require exercise to remain fit and healthy. Their nature is quiet, gentle, loyal, affectionate and sensitive. They can quickly form long lasting relationships with their owners, and are great around children.

The Vizsla is a lean, medium-sized dog with defined muscles and look similar to the Weimaraner breed. Their coat is a solid golden brown colour which may come in lighter or darker shades. The length is short and smooth. They are self cleaning dogs and do not need to be bathed regularly.

The Vizsla's tail is docked in some countries to two-thirds, to prevent injury however this practice is banned in Australia as professionals conducted studies proving that this is not required.

The life expectancy of the Vizsla is usually 10-14 years old.

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