April 2009 Newsletter

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  • The Vet Shed
    Great deals on short dated Heartgard stock + other brands!
  • Herb Doctor Shampoo
    This months feature member: Certified organic herbs blend
  • Animal naturopathy study update
    May 15th start. Intensive Equine Myofunctional Therapy Certificate BALLARAT
  • Cageless Boarding Kennels for Easter?
    Barkingham Palace dogs in Melbourne enjoy accommodation without cages!
  • APRIL means EASTER + SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Dog Minders directory
    Book ASAP with one of our 43 dog minders and pet sitter services



The Vet Shed
Contact The Vet Shed 

Great deals on some stock that must go. FIRST IN FIRST SERVED

Heartgard Green - Expiring June 2009 - Now only $18.00
Heartgard Green - Expiring September 2009 - Now only $24.00
Note: Typical Vet price for Heartgard is $42.00

Revolution for dogs 10-20kg - Expiring August 2009. BELOW COST $44.55
Note: Typical Vet Price is $116.00 SO BE QUICK!

Advantix. Bayer have announced a 8.5% increase. The Vet Shed has bought up stock to help you beat the price rise. Be quick to get this special.



The Herb Doctor - Certified Organic Herbs
Contact Herb Doctor

Herb Doctor shampoo contains all Australian Certified Organic Herbs blended with non-genetically modified corn starch and natural calcium carbonate. Ingredients in this formula include Rosemary Sage, Wormwood, Pennyroyal, Fennel, Neem, and oils of Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Kunzea & Eucalyptus (with an inherent ability to protect against invasive enemies to help make your pet feel happier). For further protection, sprinkle Herb Doctor's Dry Shampoo in your pet's basket and sleeping area. This product is also especially good for sprinkling onto your carpets prior to vacuuming



Equine Myofunctional Therapy Certificate - Intensive Course
Contact NCTM and request enrolment details

BLOCK 1 starts MAY 15-19. Sovereign Hill BALLARAT VICTORIA. This certificate is designed for the graduate to practice as a fully qualified professional Equine Myofunctional Therapist. You will develop your saddle fitting skills and the expertise to work alongside professionals in the equine industry in the rewarding field of rehabilitation. You may decide to develop educational programs for pony and adult riding clubs or perhaps pursue a career in dressage, eventing, endurance, polo, showjumping, western or racing. The opportunities for the horse lover are many.



EASTER Cageless dog and cat boarding in Melbourne. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS - a special place for your dog?
Contact MELBOURNE BASED Barkingham Palace

Barkingham Palace is Victoria's Only Cageless Boarding Kennel and Cattery. There are must see images of dogs enjoying cageless accommodation on our website. Everyone is amazed to see how happy, relaxed, safely at home ALL our guests are.



Dog Minding - Easter and School Holidays are here!
Find one of 45 dog minders to help you

It's always hard to get short term dog minder bookings, especially when holiday periods make competition fierce for the few available spaces reamaining with many minders. As a dog owner, a responsible plan is to establish a relationship with a local dog minding business that services your area. 

Contact "Don't Fret Pet" - QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and ACT
Contact Top Dog Minders - QLD, NSW, VIC and WA
Contact Lonely Pets Club - All of Metro Melbourne



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