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  • Canine Myofunctional Certificate
    2009 course dates in NSW, VIC, SA (starts Aug 4th) and QLD released
  • Find a dog minder on Oz Doggy
    Our popular, current and growing directory dog minding and pet sitter services
  • Pet Friendly Accommodation
    Now listing 17 dog friendly accommodation options in VIC, QLD and NSW
  • August Odd Spot: Dog poo pick up service?
    The Dog Butler and Poo Patrol can help you in Sydney and Melbourne


SA, NSW, QLD and VIC Canine Myofunctional Therapy dates announced for 2009

The National College of Traditional Medicine has announced dates for

  • VIC - choice of two locations starting late Aug 29th 
  • QLD - starting Sept 24th
  • NSW starting Oct 1
  • SA starting August 4th - be quick!

These are 8 day courses delivered over 2 x 4 day blocks and most have no prerequisites required.



Dog Minding - 45 dog minders to look after your dog
Find all 45 dog minders

It's always hard to get short term dog minder bookings. As a dog owner, a responsible plan is to establish a relationship with a local dog minding business that services your area. Meet with the people that will look after your dog, discuss availability and the exact needs of your dog. Having a relationship with a local dog minding business, improves the quality of your life and that of your dog, when you need to go away from home.

Contact "Don't Fret Pet" - QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and ACT
Contact Lonely Pets Club - Melbourne Wide



Pet Friendly Accommodation in NSW, VIC and QLD.
Contact Pet Friendly Accommodation
Contact House Sitters

Featured properties in

  • NSW - Tuross, Port Macquarie, Alpine (near Mittagong) and Woollahra in Sydney.
  • VIC - Apollo Bay, Tara Valley, Otway Ranges and Cape Otway
  • QLD - Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • See also House sitters for nationwide house sitters that can also care for your pets.




ODD SPOT: Dog Poo pick up service in Sydney + Melbourne?

Have a poo problem at home? Are you a property manager who needs a house cleaned up before new tenants or owners move in? The Dog Butler (Melbourne and Inner suburbs) and Poo Patrol (Sydney) and innovative new business prepared to roll up their sleeves and help you clean up the mess. Both professional businesses who take their work seriously - they offer weekly, monthly services from around $15 a visit for regular customers. This could also be the gift that keeps giving! Talk to The Dog Butler (Melbourne) or Poo Patrol (Sydney) and see if they can help you or someone you know.


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Melbourne, AUSTRALIA



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