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Welcome to Oz Doggy June monthly newsletter - 'SCHOOL HOLIDAY ALERT' 

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    Dog minder alternative in Melbourne where dogs can play with mates all day
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Remember: It's school holiday time again late June and early July.


Now is the time to book your dog minder or search Oz Doggy to find boarding kennels or pet friendly accommodation when you are travelling interstate with your dog. School holidays always means space is limited and it's the early bird that catches the worm. With over 200 products and services on Oz Doggy, don't leave it to the last minute to find out you and your dog might be left out in the cold...when you and your dog need a holiday!



Dog Minding - 45 dog minders to look after your dog
Find all 45 dog minders

It's always hard to get short term dog minder bookings. As a dog owner, a responsible plan is to establish a relationship with a local dog minding business that services your area. Meet with the people that will look after your dog, discuss availability and the exact needs of your dog. Having a relationship with a local dog minding business, improves the quality of your life and that of your dog, when you need to go away from home.

Contact "Don't Fret Pet" - QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and ACT
Contact Top Dog Minders - QLD, NSW, VIC and WA
Contact Lonely Pets Club - Melbourne Wide



Cageless pet boarding in Melbourne - dog minding alternative
Contact Barkingham Palace

Barkingham Palace is Victoria's Only Cageless Boarding Kennel and Cattery. There are must see images of dogs enjoying cageless accommodation on our website. Everyone is amazed to see how happy, relaxed, safely at home ALL our guests are. Hundreds of new photos of happy dogs and their friends now being uploaded.



Stimulus package money? Study animal naturopathy in 2009
NCTM dog massage, equine therapies and natural therapies for small animals

The National College of Traditional Medicine has special offers to help you invest in your education and a new career. There are huge opportunities within the animal health industry offers.


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