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Mali Rolph of See Spot Run has a wealth of experience counseling dog owners on many types of behavioural and obedience problems. Private lessons take place in the comfort of your own home to get to the root of the problem without distractions from other handlers and dogs. Mali is skilled in several techniques and does not subscribe to just one method to train a dog.
  • Mini poodle has a tendency to bite
    Question: We have an 8-month-old mini poodle and he has a tendency to bite when he plays and pulls at our pants and socks as a way of getting us to play. We give him a nudge across the nose or mouth and push him away with a firm “no!” (The vet told us to do this). This has not been working. Is there anything else we can do?
  • Adopted puppy has hard time housebreaking
    QUESTION: We recently adopted a puppy and are having a really hard time housebreaking him. We have read a few books and email posts and there are so many different types of advice and we don’t know which one is right. Is rubbing his nose in it ok? How do we get him to stop peeing on the carpet?!
  • Greyhound X puppy from a rescue organisation. How big will he get?
    Question 3 – I’ve adopted a Greyhound X puppy from a rescue organization. Right now, he is 5.5 months old and he’s already become quite a large dog! How much longer will he keep growing and how big will he get?
Each dog is unique so much emphasis is placed on investigating the training method that will work best for your dog.
See Spot Run has training packages of two and one hour lessons available including:

Puppy 101:
How to raise a happy, socialized and well behaved puppy. Topics include jumping, mouthing and housebreaking etc...

Basic Obedience:
Learn the fundamentals including sit, stay, down, come, walking on a loose leash and any fun tricks.

Problem Behaviours:
Understand the motivations behind and set up a training program to address problem behaviours such as jumping, excessive barking, separation anxiety, resource guarding, aggression and fear-based behaviours.
Extra one hour private tutorials are available to add on to any package.
Please call (Sydney North Shore enquiries only)
Mali on 0405 291 339 for pricing information