English Setter with anxious behaviors.Toledo, OH

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English Setter with anxious behaviors.Toledo, OH

Our 3 year old English Setter is showing anxiety problems. We go for walks and he pulls so much you can't enjoy the walk. We have worked with him for a while and he just chokes himself on the leash and dosen't seem to mind. I see other people just having a nice stroll and here we are struggling. He was also in the garage with my husband and a neighbor walked up looking for her dog and he ran out and bit her. This is totally out of his character. We can imagine what wasw in his head that made him react that way to her. We also have another do so he is with other animals and has made nursing home therapy visits and school educational visit and has always just been the perfect fella on these visit. I guess I am just asking for some guidance in what to do about this behavior from out of no where. Thank you, cathy
Posted: 09/10/2007   

Answer: 3 year old English Setter with anxious behaviors.Tol
Well, it does defiantly sound like some sort of anxiety. I would suggest the following to you: a trained dog is a happy dog. I would start a new regular trainer routine, even if you do have the basicis covered. Dogs are more relaxed with assertive owners as they don't have to worry about what could or might happen. When they are well trained they know that YOU are in charge. So look in to regular weekly training either with a group of by yourself and possibly consider a short course of drug therapy to help the re-adjustment period.
Posted: 04/11/2007   

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