dog digging up garden

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dog digging up garden

We have an 18 month old staffy cross who has decided that any plant that is planted after she arrived should be pulled out. She is very cunning and does not go anywhere near the plant(s) until after we are in bed at night or are at work during the day. We have tried putting up fences, she jumped the fence to that part of the yard, pulled out every single new plant (leaving behind the plants that were there before she arrived) and jumped the fence back again. We have tried putting plastic around each plant with stakes. We dont know how but she managed to dig out the plant and left the plastic and stakes intact !! Please help. Our only other option is locking her in a pen at night and when we are at work which is something we dont want to do. Any advice would be appreciated.
Posted: 29/12/2007

Answer: dog digging up garden
This is just sooo typical staffy behaviour! Rather than addressing the symptom (pulling out the plants) you need to address the cause. This has become her little game, that she does when she is bored or misses you. And staffys are such emotional little things! Firstly, are you able to bring her in at night? Could you buy a crate for her to sleep in the evenings in your home? If I could count the times I have heard about a destructive staffys that outside dogs! I really think your best option is to find a way to bring her inside in the evenings. During the day a dog walker may be your best bet. After a while the dogs get in to a routine and looks forward to their visit from the walker, and spend the rest of the day sleeping after their outing. Good luck!
Posted: 05/01/2008

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