Goldie barks and scratches at gate at night

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Goldie barks and scratches at gate at night

Hi Bec. I have a 3 y.o Goldie,Quentin, who I've had for 4 mths. He has just started barking, crying and scratching at the side gate at night. He is an outside dogs and he is obsessed with balls, of the throwing kind. He loves the water and is a beautiful boy. Any thoughts?? Regards, Robyn
Posted: 07/01/2008

Answer: Goldie barks and scratches at gate at night
The first thing I would suggest for Quentin, is increase his exercise levels particularly in the evenings. Golden can be full of energy! On the main Ask Bec dog advise page you will see a link to a crate training article. I think crate training would be the best bet for Quentin and this method can be used for outside dogs. Just remember this must be executed as a wonderful place for your dog, and not a sin bin. There also might be possums or some noise that goes bump in the night that sets him off; suggest a radio placed next to the crate turned on loud enough just to dull out ambient noises.
Posted: 02/02/2008

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