Doggy Tantrums

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Doggy Tantrums

We have a 15 month old staffy who throws tantrums when he does not get his own way on his walks. For instance if we walk past the place that he likes to swim he lies down and wont walk any further. If we walk past dogs that wants to play with he will do the same... he digs his toes in and will not move! It is very embarrasing and makes our walks take quite a long time. Any suggestsions??
Posted: 07/01/2008

Answer: Doggy Tantrums
Teeehehehe, cheeky little man. Right-ie-o, firstly what you need to do is praise your dog every time he does the right thing, praise and reward him with a treat. Rather than punishing him when he does wrong. We also then need to allow him to think that he is training you! Try having him sit at least 20 times a day, before dinner, before a pat, before a walk, before playing with a toy etc. This way, he will begin to think that each time he sits: his human does something really great for him! He will become more and more willing to comply. Once you have this aced begin to advance to commands such as ?come?. Try and apply this to every and any situation. The hard part will be getting in to this routine while on walks; it will take lots of work and patience. But you can do it! Good luck!
Posted: 02/02/2008

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