7y Rottweiler pees everywhere

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7y Rottweiler pees everywhere

My rottie pees everywhere. I have a backyard with a kennel that has enough room for him when I have friends over. The problem is that whenever he is loose on the yard, he pees (nd poops) everywhere. Moreover, if I sit on a chair to read a book and then go inside the house, he goes to the chair and pees on it (possessive behavior?). He eats once a day. I would love if I could teach him to pee and poop on a fixed place instead of all over the backyard. I am on an extended leave from work and thought to use this free time to train him good.
Posted: 22/02/2008   

Answer: 7y Rottweiler pees everywhere
I love Rotti's! My very first dog was a Rotti X Lab, he was just devine. My Dad now had a Rotti - they are very special animals! It's not normal at all for him to willingly soil your / his home. I think this might be something medical. And at the age of 7, it might be the time when things start to go a bit wrong. Definatly get it checked out, if he is given a clean bill of health - get back to me!
Posted: 07/03/2008


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