dog problems please help

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dog problems please help

My mum has a maltesse cross poodle who keeps getting out of their yard, she climbs out!! they put in a 6 foot fench and she climb right over it, they put in a bit at the top of the fench that bends in so she cant climb up and over it and she has started to chew through the internal wall of the garage (the dogs have a special area where they can come in and out of the garage and go out side if they want), please help Sarah (the dog) seems to have some issues and we dont know what to do for her, my mum loves this little dog but she is causing so much upset and stress by behaving in this way, what can we do?
Posted: 08/03/2008

Answer: dog problems please help
Oh my gosh! I cant believe she climbs the fence! This is defiantly not the norm, and I can only assume that she has a very serious motivation for the behaviour. This issue does require specialist care and bringing in under-qualified assistance may only make the matter worse. I would defiantly suggest a behaviourist. And I refer to someone with a university education. Behaviourist usually work in conjunction with your vet, so a trip to the vet will be your best bet. From there you can be provided with the most appropriate person to help. Animal Behaviourist may be expensive, but for what ground they can cover in a few hours a less qualified person might take months and months, if a resolution is ever found. In my experience the outlay is well worth it in the long run. Good luck!
Posted: 03/04/2008


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