Labradoodle keeps on weeing

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Labradoodle keeps on weeing

Hi, My 12 month old labradoodle, Sasha, seems to wee every time she gets excited...if we get her lead she jumps up and wee's, if someone new comes to our house and pats her, she gets excited and wee's. She now has started to wee in her sleep, it has been happening ever since she was a puppy. We thought she would grow out of it but it seems to be getting worse. We are wondering if it might be a genetic problem? We would appreciate your opinion or your thoughts, many thanks. Concerned owner of Sasha. Lee
Posted: 26/04/2008

Answer: Labradoodle keeps on weeing
I actually used to walk a Labradoodle who used to do the same thing. I found it slightly endering! Although he did grow out of it. Yes, it is common for excitable puppies. He still technically is a young dog so he may still need a bit longer but if it is a concern definatly speak to your vet. It also depends on if it is a few drops or a river. It shouldn?t be happening in his sleep.
Posted: 17/05/2008


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