wetting jack russell X

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wetting jack russell X

I have inherited a Jack Russell Female X approx. 4 years old. I have had her for 4 months and she wets if you speak crossly/loudly to her or if she is excited. If I am putting her out of an evening she ignores my command for her to go out and wets on her bed. Needless to say my carpet is much the worse for wear. I have tried ignoring her so she doesn't get overexcited and of an evening I just pick her up and put here out before she can wet. How do I stop this wetting?
Posted: 10/06/2008   

Answer: wetting jack russell X
This can be common in puppies, as they don't have the bladder control required to hold it in. It can also be common in fearful dogs, if they scared enough. So I am torn between to ideas, medical and emotional. Considering she has only been with you for a short time I am swayed towards to emotional side. I feel it might be a good idea to take a trip to your vet, and get the once over. If all looks clear maybe you can discuss a short (3 month) drug therapy course to help her settle and relax in to her new home. Within this time you can learn and practice very very postive reinfocement training and techniques. This should do the trick. Good on you for giving her a loving home!
Posted: 21/06/2008   


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