Brisbane Pride Festival - June 17th Pet Parade

Brisbane Pride Festival - June 17th Pet Parade

Ozdoggy was proud to support the Brisbane Pride Festival Pet Parade 2006.

If you have any great pix to share, send them to and we will upload here.   


Excuse me....AWESOME! Come to Melbourne!       Orginal owners of the Pride Festival site...tres cool!


Agility course winner in rainbow style          Whats happening over there?


Puki and Pong win cutest puppy..easy!        Now this is an Oz Doggy kind of dog!


I am fluffy by name and nature?                   They made me wear it, I prefer blue tutu


There is always something off camera          Sunshine, you are my sunshine. Smile :)


Smart looking dog and happy owner combo!   Thanks Carla for the PR and personality.


Today I'm wearing fur and a tail moon suit.    OK, I'll go the small dog, you two jump him!

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