Question: Difference Between "Teacup" & "Toy"

Question: Difference Between

Question: Difference Between "Teacup" & "Toy"
Are they the same thing ... or is a "Teacup" the same as a "Toy" sized dog. Just wondering .. thanks :) BTW - thanks for the info re: where best to buy a Moodle :)
Posted: 03/03/2006

Answer: Difference Between "Teacup" & "Toy"
Yes, Teacups are TINY! Not really suited for a family with little children due to their fragile frame. Toys are generally a bit bigger than the tea cups. From what limited knowledge i have of the terms, Tea Cups are generally a 'mutation' (not in a bad way!) of a toy. I don't think that they are actually recognised in breeding standards, rather they are just terms for under and over sized 'Toy's'.
Posted: 04/03/2006

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