Overweight shih tzu x that's getting fatter every week!

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Overweight shih tzu x that's getting fatter every week!

i have a 4 yr old lhasa,shih tzu x that's getting fatter every week! he's de-sexed, has a dry diet of good quality lite biscuits, gets plenty of exercise, lurves his food...any food and will eat my other dogs food as well if she leaves any. it's very hard to police as they're fed at the same time and as she's not food oriented will often leave some, so he'll clean up before i get to pick up her bow up.the other problem is,if i give him a smaller amounts, he's hungry and will actually go and find some pooh to eat, very unpleasant, my husband is always on pooh patrol, to try and control that. he only does that if i cut his food down. he needs to lose at least 2-3 kilo's. i give him raw carrot, chopped or grated. help!! any suggestions would be grateful.
Posted: 07/08/2006

Answer: overweight
Have you been to the vet about this? I have a client who's dog is currently being treated for a inherited illness that causes him to stack on the weight. I'm sure this is not the case for your little one, although the extra weight may just be a symptom of something else. Defiantly put a vet visit in the priority list! Apart from this, even though diet is a key issue - your dog really needs to have double the exercise. Diet is good, exercise is even better (and sometimes forgotten).
Posted: 15/08/2006

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