Dog Peeing on trees! Is that a crime?

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Dog Peeing on trees! Is that a crime?

I was walling my dogs that day and one of them decided to pee on a tree. So happened the owner was driving out of her driveway. She honked and said "Can you not let your dog pee on my tree" Is this a crime? I was very taken a back and was lost for words. Moreover, all the houses on the street has had the same common nature strip. !
Posted: 16/08/2006

Answer: Dog Peeing on trees! Is that a crime
Each to their own although I have never encountered such problems. Poo is one thing, pee is another. Maybe best just to steer clear of this one particular tree. Although it does seem a bit strange to me! I wonder what Dr Poo would have to say about this? Possibly a new avenue of interest for him? Hmmm.
Posted: 27/08/2006

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