Burrs in Dog Leash Free Park

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Burrs in Dog Leash Free Park

I have been walking my Maltese x Shitzu in the Leash Free Park at Queenscliff for 3 years now happily. However this year unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of burrs in the park which have got caught between the pads on her feet. Strangely enough, the Fox Terrier we walk with hasn't been affected at all by the burrs. Anyway, this seems to have affected Shelly psychologically and she just refuses to walk anywhere now and I end up carrying her. Can you please offer any advice or suggestions?
Posted: 27/11/2006 

Answer: Burrs in Dog Leash Free Park
This is a real shame. I think you have to buy the book when it comes to positive reinforcement. I would head to the park with pockets full of liver treats, and boundless praise and encouragement. Offer lots of treats and literally jump up and down when she takes a step in the right direction. Also, try another track or entrance if at all possible. Try and offer some change from the norm, that may cause disruption to her usual routine at the park. I think this is really the only thing you can do. Keep on trying!
Posted: 04/12/2006

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