Dog pulling washing of line

Dog pulling washing of line

I need some advice on how to stop my 7 month old pup from pulling washing of the line.
Posted: 01/12/2006

Answer: Dog pulling washing of line
I have been asked a similar question, scroll down a little to find 'Answer: Colthesline pulling puppy. Albury NSW'. Good luck!
Posted: 04/12/2006

Answer: Colthesline pulling puppy. Albury NSW
Cheeky little so and so! ha ha! Can you meet her half way? Can she have a toy or a old t-shirt of yours that she CAN pull off the line? This might not be the best scenario, although at least the clothes may stop getting the raw end of the deal? If you play a bit of tug-a-war with a toy or t-shirt one night, and then hang it up on the line, will she prefer that to normal clothing on the washing line? Maybe? Possibly?
Posted: 13/11/2006

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