2 male puppies in Victoria biting each other

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2 male puppies in Victoria biting each other

We have a 3mth old male lab and have just got an 8 week old male lab. They are biting each other a lot and inflicting pain. What should we do? Leave them alone to sort it out or intervene? The 3 mth old also seems gets an arousal at times with no seeming reason - at least one that we can see! Any ideas?
Posted: 24/12/2006

Answer: 2 male puppies/Victoria
I am one to allow dogs to sort themselves out for the better part. Some people cant stand it! As they are both pups, they will be sorting out where they stand in the pack of your home. I think you will need to get involved as far as asserting yourself as top dog goes. Get in to intelligent play, in which you are the boss. Hopefully with this identified, they will be able to sort them selves out. All you can do it play it by ear.
Posted: 06/01/2007

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