Dalmatian pup plays too rough, melbourne

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Dalmatian pup plays too rough, melbourne

Our 6 month old Dalmatian is an angel at home and with people but plays very rough with other dogs,especially small dogs with lots of fur - he loves to play tug of war on ears and does NOT let go despite yelping/crying from the other dog (we have to pry his jaws apart - which is very hard to do). How do we stop him doing this as it is very embarrasing and I have resorted to leaving him on the lead. The other dog owners get very cross with us and have even kicked and hit our pup.
Posted: 27/12/2006   

Answer: Dalmatian pup plays too rough, melbourne
First of all, kick and hit those owners back! Silly people. It's important that he learns how to socalise correctly in a controlled environment. Is there a group obedience school near you? I would defiantly consider this and explain your concerns to the trainer. He very clearly needs to be rewarded for good 'playing' while at the park, so take treats with you. The minute he gets too rough, you are correct to put him on the lead. I think the key is to find a more supportive environment for him. Idiot people hurting him is not going to help at all. There will be no quick fix. Just lots of patience, love, and trial and error.
Posted: 06/01/2007   

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