Urinating up people legs, Sydney (NSW)

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Urinating up people legs, Sydney (NSW)

I have a 1 year old staffie cross, not desexed. Over the past 4 months he has taken to urinating up peoples legs in the park. These people are always people with dogs and usually much smaller dogs. They are also usually women?? Its difficult to discipline him when it happens as he's never closer enough to me to. He's a very friendly dog and never aggressive. How can I stop him??
Posted: 17/01/2007 

Answer: Urinating up people legs, Sydney (NSW)
Sooooo .. your Staffie likes the ladies! haha. I had this exact conversation with a dog park friend during the week! You can never really be sure, but given the breed, not desexed, smaller dogs and ladies - you can be pretty sure that he is doing as a dominance thing. I would consider desexing him. It's a instinct, and your right - it is hard to control due to the nature of the problem. Have a chat to your vet about the options: a dog pheromone vapouriser (D.A.P.) may possibly be a option?
Posted: 25/01/2007

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