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Crafty Canine. Adelaide, S.A

We recently adopted a 3 and a half year old female Tenterfield Terrier as her family were relocating overseas. We have had her now for four months and she settled well has been pretty well behaved is most things but we cannot get her out of the house when we want to go out. We have never left our dogs inside when not at home and she has plenty of outside space and a couple of places to sleep. She will go outside happily when someone is at home. Being a Tenterfield she is very fast and we cant just pick her up and put her out. She is very smart and seems to sense when we are both going out. Have tried a number of tactics and offering treats but they only work, if we are not going out!!! Any tips would be appreciated.
Posted: 13/02/2007   

Answer: Crafty Canine. Adelaide, S.A.
Firstly, we need to appreciate that no dog wants to be left home alone. And they adapt very quickly to the warning signs that a mass evacuation might be in the near future! Firstly you have to make your back yard far more attractive to her. Possibly a radio that can be left one when your are not home, a sand pit, big meaty bones, toys ... anything you can think of. She has to LOVE going in to your back yard. This will also require you to spend lots of quality time with her there. Chasing games, tug of war, cuddles etc. It has to become more than that place she goes to wee and where she is sent when you leave. Also try taking her for a quick walk before you go out. This way she may feel tried and relaxed before you leave, and wont feel as though she is missing out. Good
Posted: 22/02/2007

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