jumping cocker spaniel

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jumping cocker spaniel

Hi, my cocker spaniel dog who is 1yrs old continually jumps up on our back sliding door, which is very scratched!! We always say "get off" but he keeps doing it. We don't know what to do to stop him. He is absolutely beautiful, but also a bugger with his jumping? please help.
Posted: 15/02/2007   

Answer: jumping cocker spaniel
Very simply, place something over your screen door that he will hate the feeling off when his paws contact it. Maybe a course sand paper? With the jumping, try walking in to his 'space' essentially taking up his jumping room. When he jumps take a quick step forward to fill up the space where he would have landed. He may crash and fall a few times, but this is the lesson that must learn.
Posted: 22/02/2007

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