Traumatised dog and house training

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Traumatised dog and house training

There is no quick fix, if any fix at all. You are doing the right thing, lots of patience will hopefully break her spell. It is possible for you to spend more time out side? Maybe reading a book, doing gardening, anything? If you can spend more time outside, and leave the back door open - hopefully she will soon be happy to join you. I think the key is for you to just ignore her in a sence and get on with your 'outdoors' duties. You could also try feeding her some meals outside. Patience, patience, patience.
Posted: 14/03/2007

Traumatised dog and house training
We have recently taken on a traumatised neglected dog. She is about 12 months old and has never seen the inside of a house. Accordingly, because we allow our pets to live inside, she is not housebroken for indoors. When I take her outside to go, she is so frightened she will be left out there, that she just runs straight to the back door and sits there - even though I am outside with her. I have sat outside for 30 minutes at a time and she won't go, but the minute we go inside, she squats. What should I do?
Posted: 11/03/2007

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