Lab X keeps attacking Kitten, Melb VIC

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Lab X keeps attacking Kitten, Melb VIC

Our new Lab X keeps attacking our new kitten, and stalks him by the back glass sliding door. The Lab no longer plays with our other dog. We tell him "NO!" Very firmly after an attack and then sin bin him for 10 minutes. Our methods are not working, plese help. Not even coaxing with treats and a game helps.
Posted: 13/03/2007   

Answer: Lab X keeps attacking Kitten, Melb VIC.
Is it safe to assume your lab is X with a working dog of some sort?? You do have a task on yours hands. Think the first thing to do is certainly bump up the exercise routine for your Lab. Wear him out as much as possible. Make sure kitty has a nice safe place where he / she can escape from offending Lab if required. Being a Lab X he should be highly motivated by food rewards? Try socialising kitty and Lab while under your control with treats. Would suggest a good trainer if you continue to find that you can't quite control the situation. Hopefully your kitten will become boring to your lab with in time (fingers crossed!).
Posted: 14/03/2007

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