Jack Russell nips me when I jog

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Jack Russell nips me when I jog

I have a playful 3 y.o. male Jack Russell. When I go for a jog he runs beside me, then often nips/bites my leg. (usually we walk, go to park, play ball). When I'm jogging on the beach he can go off the lead, but he still comes up and nips me, sometimes barks, &/or pulls my shoe lace! He has plenty of energy, but I can't have a good run with him. Is he dominating me, trying to play with me or what?... I don't know how to stop him doing this? I'd appreciate any advise, thankyou.
Posted: 27/03/2007

Answer: Jack Russell nips me when I jog...
I wouldn't say he is being dominating, it's just typical Jack Russell behaviour! It's more like a 'Hello! I'm here! Wahooo! This is fun!' If you watch to Jack Russell?s play, the will pull at the excess skin on their necks. It's just what they do. I have no idea why! So I think it's harmless, and nothing more than him having a good time. I think all you could do is just ignore it, hopefully this little trick of his will become boring when you stop reacting to it. Try rewarding good 'running' behaviour with some treats. I am often seen walking around the dogs park, dragging my Jack Russell behind me who attaches himself to my jeans!
Posted: 02/04/2007

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