Male lab never been out of the back yard

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Male lab never been out of the back yard

Help with 3yo Lab.
Need help with a male 3yo lab, who has never been out of the back yard and has not had training. Has had no experience with other people or dogs and is very hyperactive and aggressive to unfamiliar people and dogs. We want to give this dog a better life, where do we start?
Posted: 18/04/2007

Answer: Help with 3yo Lab.
Good on you for trying to do the right thing by your pooch! I suggest you get in a positive re- enforcement trainer to get you started. Start in the back yard by attaching the lead and practice simple commands like sit and stay. Once the basics are mastered try regular short walks, and find a routine. Your aim will be to head to a local dog park to let your Lab off the lead for a good run and play. Good luck!
Posted: 27/04/2007

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