Barf diets ..

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Barf diets ..

Hi Bec , thank you for my reply on my two min Poodle 's Diet's... I am so relieved .But can I ask one more question on what you think about this ..Barf Diet's for dog's ???? It's so confusing, on the amounts ect, & is is safe for once again my poodles.. P.s, I put parsley in the next batch of treats & they loved it.. Kind regards Mary & Pooches..
Posted: 25/04/2007

Answer: Barf diets..
I hold the Barf Diet in the same regard I do as the beef flavoured bottled dog water for dogs! That regard, is not much! Haha. I tend to think the Barf Diet is just a waste of money for something that you could prepare yourself. It?s just another hype product that doesn?t really offer much. If it?s something that you think may help your little ones then by all means give it a try, although I do feel that your Poodles have a good well balanced diet. Sometimes it can be more harmful to change a pets diet drastically, than what the new brand of food promises.
Posted: 27/04/2007

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