Getting a Jack Russel to "Come"

Getting a Jack Russel to

Bec, When we walk our Jack Russel I like to give her some time off the lead. The problem is that she won't come back when called unless I use a ball to entice her. Is there any way to get her to respond to a whistle, which she responds to in the yard, but not the park? And also the problem of rushing to the front door and madly barking when visitors arrive? Regards Barry Myers
Posted: 28/04/2007

Answer: Getting a Jack Russel to "Come", Perth, WA
I think you should be happy with the fact you can let her off the lead at all! Generally, once they are off (on the job) that's it. There might be some hope with a super tasty treat. If you can find one she can?t resist it may help to bring her back in. All I can suggest it to just keep on trying and keep practicing. One question, if you turn around and bolt in the other direction will she follow? That sometimes works with my dogs. With the barking, hold her in the sit position on a lead and keep her 'focused' with a treat, while someone comes to the door. Practice, practice, practice. Eventually she should learn to ignore the person at the door.
Posted: 10/05/2007

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