Great Dane who "talks" to me when he needs to go outside

Great Dane who

I have a Great Dane who "talks" to me when he needs to go outside, but my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier rarely barks and never "talks". She's house trained but occasionally may get caught short during the night but never "tells" me and just goes in the bathroom (fortunately). How do I get her to "tell" me ?
Posted: 03/05/2007   

Answer: Getting Bella to "tell" me when she needs to go..
I think you might have more success in setting up a routine for your non speaking pooch (ha ha). Offer wee breaks at particular times so Bella becomes accustomed to these times, e.g. after meals. She will learn the patterns and her body will begin to work within this. Your Dane is a very clever K9, and we can?t expect such greatness from all furred friends!!!
Posted: 10/05/2007

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