dog moanin alot and collecting toys

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dog moanin alot and collecting toys

hi my staffordshire bullterrior has just started to moan alot lately and collect items such as cuddly toys and take them upstairs.Am wondering cud she be goin through a phamton pregnancy as she has never been bred.thanks in advance
Posted: 25/05/2007

Answer: dog moanin alot and collecting toys
Staffys are such sensitive things it could be a sign of any emotional floundering! To be on the safe side I would seek medical advise to make sure something more sinister isn?t happening. Apart from that, yes ? it could be a phantom pregnancy (although I don?t know to much about the subject)! If given the all clear medically don?t indulge the whinging to much as it may add fuel to the fire.
Posted: 06/06/2007

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