Stop Bark Collars, Perth, WA

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Stop Bark Collars, Perth, WA

Hi, I have an entire cavalier king charles spaniel that lives outside, and believes he is quite a good guard dog. He barks at people walking down the road (even though he can't see them), and also at the neighbours when they move around in their backyard. I work during the day, so am unable to do anything to stop him barking during the day, and am considering investing in a collar of some sort, to stop him barking, but would like some advice on what collar works best, but is still friendly. Thankyou in advance.
Posted: 25/06/2007

Answer: Stop Bark Collars, Perth, WA
There are many products on the market, and I would use this only as a last resort. First of all I would suggest filling you back yard with as much environmental enrichment as you can find. Toys, bones, treats, a sandpit filled with hidden goodies, and also leave a radio on in ear shot to give the illusion of company. Your CKC is a Terrier so does require lots of stimulation to limit unwanted behaviour, since he is a outside dog I would also suggest a increase in exercise and maybe employee a dog walker! If all else fails go for a Citronella stop-bark collar, defiantly not the electric shock one. In this case you do get what you pay for so opt for a more expensive model if possible.
Posted: 09/07/2007

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