Deaf greyhound, Melbourne

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Deaf greyhound, Melbourne

I have a black and white greyhound who is deaf. I know it'll take a while for Pommie to adjust to hand signs, I'd like to know a good place to start. How do I stop him whining? I know he can't hear it, but at the same time I can't run to him every 30 seconds. He has a playmate out the back, doesn't stop the whining though.
Posted: 14/07/2007 

Answer: Deaf greyhound, Melbourne (VIC)
Poor Pommie! Are you sure that the whining is just a off-set to the deafness? I would be inclinded to suggest a trip to the vet just to double check that there isn't something else going. Apart from this, this is really something that you need to work on with a professional trainer. I know of a great trainer who trained a deaf AND blind dog! A personal and taylor made connection needs to be bridged between the both of you, that only a experinced trainer can facilitate. You vet should be able to recommend someone suitable. Good luck to you and Pommie!
Posted: 15/07/2007

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