Agressive Puppy? Diggers Rest (VIC)

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Agressive Puppy? Diggers Rest (VIC)

We have a 16 week old spoodle puppy and have had him since he was 8 weeks old. Just 2 days ago while chewing on a bone on the floor beside my husband on the sofa, my husband went to move him so he did not step on him and he snarled and snapped at my husbands hand. Instinctivley my husband smacked him and growled at him and he came back at my husband very agressively and actually broke the skin on his hand.I blamed my husband as he should know not to touch dogs while they eat, but this is a 16 week old neutered male puppy. last night he was sitting on a bed chewing a rawhide and I went to pick him up and move him to the floor and he growled at me. He did not snap but this scares me. I can take the chew toy from him and does not care but snarles if you actually touch him. Why? What can I do? Please Hurry.....
Posted: 15/08/2007

Answer: Agressive Puppy?
Well, you actually SHOULD be able to take any food off your dog at any time. Dogs that are in the RSPCA etc, will not be offered for adoption if they aren't passive when it comes to food / treats. What he is doing IS instinct, he is simply gaurding his food. Which is fine in theory. I suggest you have him on a lead, sitting very close to you (on the flood) while he chews, softly stroke his back legs etc while he chews. With in time continue up his body. He should learn that he can feel safe when eating around you. Gently gentle is the right approach, and very slooooowwwww. Good luck!
Posted: 06/09/2007

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