Crop Circle Border Collie

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Crop Circle Border Collie

My border collie does crop circles in the back yard, he runs around and around the same circle with his nose on the ground for hours. He has plenty of toys, and is walked often. I have 1/2 acre! Help...tried pepper, nuerotic!
Posted: 29/08/2007

Answer: Crop Circle Border
Cracking up at this one! Crop Circles!!!! haha. Well, your probablly going to have to double the amount of excersice he has. Literally. They need STACKS of excersise. Could you find a dog walker to help out? You also need to begin playing intellegent games with him. Hide and seek, incorperate some training, bury things in a sand pit. His mind also needs to be excersised and worked hard! They are beautiful dogs to own, but hard work!
Posted: 06/09/2007

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