Biter Blue Heeler cross, Brisbane (QLD)

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Biter Blue Heeler cross, Brisbane (QLD)

I have a blue heeler cross puppy who loves to do nothing but bite people.whenever we go to pick her up all she wants to do is bite.even when she is excited to see someone she'll just bite them (and it hurts). how do we control this problem??
Posted: 09/09/2007

Answer: Biter Blue Heeler cross, Brisbane (QLD)
It seems this has become taught behaviour to her. Even if she bites, do you still pick her up? If the answer is yes then you are teaching her this is acceptable by rewarding her with a hug. My rule of thumb is to always simply ignore unwanted behaviour. If you go to pick her up and she bites, put her straight back down, walk away very quickly and completely ignore her for 5 minutes. With this process she may become worse initially and try to test the boundaries so you must simply ignore her!
Posted: 28/09/2007

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