dog problems with housetraining

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dog problems with housetraining

Our dog has just turned 1 and after months of weeing and pooing outside and holding through the night, he has started recently leaving us a surprise in the mornings (poo). We have started giving him his dinner earlier in the evening, this worked for 2 days. Our schedule has not changed and we are at a loss of what to do next!!! Please help Andy
Posted: 19/09/2007

Answer: problems with housetraining
Have you changed his diet recently? Diet and brands of food can greatly increase the waste your dog produces. I would suggest a good quality dry food (preferably a brand from your vet) and preferably fresh meat of some description. If the problem still continues I would book in to see your vet as there may be a underlying medical issue.
Posted: 28/09/2007

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