December Newsletter

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The Oz Doggy December eNews update has these updates:

  • Dog minding reminder for the holiday season
  • DVDs - Great DIY Dog Grooming for Christmas gifts
  • Advice from Bec the Sydney Dog Walker
  • Paws 'n' Hooves are this months Pet Rescue Organisation of the month


Pet Paws - Pet Homestays, Onsite Dog Care and dog walking
Its December! If you haven't made arrangements for your dog? Time now to shake a leg!

Pet Paws is the perfect solution to your dog minding dilemmas - no more cold kennels or strangers in your home.  We provide your pet with a holiday whilst you are away, cared for in the warm home environment of a fellow dog lover.  Your dog will be treated as one of the family at their holiday home receiving all the love and attention they deserve. Phone Contact: Michelle on 0412 749 345.


DIY Dog Grooming DVDs now in stock
Great Christmas gift!

Are you looking to learn how to groom dogs? Or know someone who would enjoy this great, well explained DVD produced by a top Melbourne Dog Grooming School? For just $54.95 including postage anywhere in Australia, this makes a great gift for yourself or someone you know.


Oz Doggy Dog Minding Directory
Time is running out to make sure your pets are looked after at Christmas time

Top Dog Minders Phone 03 9778 6232 for Melbourne and Geelong OR 1300 66 34 94 for Perth Enquiries


Dog Advice
From Bec - The Sydney Dogwalker

Question: Help! Aggressive Pomeranian / Maltese Girl/ 20 months old. 
HI I have a Pomeranian / Maltese girl, 20 months old. She likes to use her teeth on my fingers whenever she is not happy. So, if I disturb her comfort when she is sleeping, try to take her collar off, brush her, or do whatever it is she is not happy with, she is very quick with her teeth. What do I do if she bites me? I've tried different things...time outs, force, being nice...nothing works! Please help

Answer: Your little feisty one thinks she rules you!
Your little feisty one thinks she rules you, so its ok for her to nibble on you. She has possibly learnt from you reaction, that nibbles get her what she wants. I would take a look at your body language and how you handle her generally. My boyfriend has the same problem with our Jack, he will growl and have a go at him when he tries to move him. Although Jimbo would never dare growl at me! You must be very confident in your handlings, even down to staring your dog in the eyes when you mean business's. So try and adopt a strong, powerful, but yet gentle approach to handling your pooch. I feel this might make the difference


Paws 'n' Hooves: Oz Doggy Pet Rescue of the month
Paws 'n' Hooves rescues unwanted and abandoned dogs from pounds and shelters in some Sydney and NSW country areas.

ll animals are desexed, microchipped and immunised before we find new loving and forever homes for them.
Paws 'n' Hooves also have a great book available 'Dog Lovers Companion' for $30 Australia wide. All proceeds go to the shelter.

Oz Doggy supports all animal rescue in Australia as a great way to provide loving homes for dogs that have lost their way.

Best regards

Paul @ Oz Doggy

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