When you need someone to look after your dog, there is a difference between 'dog minding and 'pet sitting'.
It will help when contacting a business - to know what they offer and what you need.
Pet sitting is a growth service due to it's 'at home' nature. Here's why you might use a good pet sitting service unlike a website that doesn't understand the stats behind online service.

  • Sometimes called 'pet visiting' - your pet stays at your home.
  • If you are holidaying, your pets are happier and experience less stress by staying in their own familiar environment.
  • Your pets will be at less risk from contagious diseases (such as kennel cough and cat flu) and parasites, which can be picked up at kennels.
  • You will save time not having to transport your pets to kennels.
  • Most pet sitting services will take out your bins, bring in your mail and security check your home whilst they visit your pets.
  • By providing your dog with regular exercise, you will have a healthier, happier (grateful!) pet.
Lonely Pets Club - melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Hobart

Lonely Pets Club care for pets in Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and Sydney. Since 2003 Lonely Pets Club has made over 202 000 pet visits and has been listed on Oz Doggy for over 6 years.

Dog Minding and why you might use a dog minding service
Dog minding or dog boarding involves your dog staying at someone else home. These are often owner operator businesses OR larger organisations that have networks of police checked and approved minders. These are people that love pets, people that sometimes can't have a pet of their own but love to mind one for a few days. Families, singles, older couples with and without pets that provide a caring and pet friendly environment for your dog or cat.
Oz Doggy recommends establishing an ongoing relationship with a pet sitter or dog minder. It is good for you AND your pet. See our Dog Minders page and Pet Sitting pages for more local service providers
Paul @ Oz Doggy