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Many people have received a puppy or dog at Christmas and thoughts will soon turn to dog training! Oz Doggy has already had a number of calls from people looking for trainers, so this eNews update includes links to our trainers directory.

Some trainers say that 60% of learning begins within the first 8-16 weeks. Others suggest that even earlier, between 3-8 weeks, that training should begin when puppies are still with their litter mates. Certainly the advice is, the earlier training starts, the better behaviour your dog will exhibit.


The Australian Dog Trainers Academy- VIC and NSW 
Trains you to become trainers of dogs as well as people; the Australian Dogtrainers Academy offers a variety of training to suit your needs, whether you aim to be a hobby trainer or a professional trainer

In home dog training from DogTech - VIC
Proud to be leading the way for in-home dog training companies, by using motivational reward based training, which is both dog and owner friendly. This more gentle method is now being used by lateral thinking dog trainers and therapists throughout the world
Dog trainers and Puppy Preschool in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
Oz Doggy dog trainers category has 16 trainers servicing these cities and surrounding areas.


Are you a mobile dog washer, dog trainer, dog minder, pet transport or dog daycare business?
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Oz Doggy will have around 500 000 visits from dog owners in 2007! We need your business to meet online search demand.

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