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Did you know that 60% of puppies' learning is between the 8th and 16th week? This is an ideal period for a puppy class says DogTech Victoria.


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Here they learn the right social manner with people and other dogs - a crucial learning period to achieve a well-behaved, problem-free dog for the years of its life.

At 8 weeks, the puppy will not yet be fully immunised and there are risks, however, vets and canine professionals strongly believe the benefits of attending a reputable puppy class outweigh any risk to the puppy. A professionally run class will have a clean training environment and supply guidelines to minimise risks - whilst ensuring the puppy class is enjoyable for you and your pup - maximising learning and time.

There are plenty of puppy schools around with nearly as many training methods. Make the most of this short window of opportunity, go to puppy classes and try those that promote 'reward-based training'. A small investment in time and money will get the best out of your friend for life!


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Question: I have inherited my daughter's pom. He is a beautiful little dog and generally well behaved. I am having trouble when I take him for a walk in that he barks and carries on whenever a car or bike sometimes other dogs and people pass. He has a very high pitched bark on these occasions and is uncontrollable. Please what can I do to train him to ignore these. Any advise greatly appreciated.

Answer: I think the more exposure you can give to your inherited pom, the better. In relation to corrective training you have a very small window of opportunity. Your reactions must be clear, quick and firm. When he first starts to bark or carry on when he see's a car etc, firmly say NO. Swiftly turn in the other direction and walk the other way at a frantic pace. As soon as he catches up and has forgotten what he was barking at in the first place praise him and offer lots of rewards and cuddles. If this doesn't help you could purchase a misting spray bottle. The ones with the nozzle where you can choose a mist or jet spray. Fill the bottle up with mostly water and a little vinegar. Just enough to taste yucky. When Pom barks, say NO and follow up with a quick little spray right in to the mouth.

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