JUNE 08 Newsletter

Dear [NAME]

Welcome to our June newsletter which contains:

  • Holidays Alert - Dog minder booking reminder
  • Dog Massage School - July classes in SA and QLD 
  • Dog Trainer Schools - Including e-learning options 
  • Dog Grooming Schools - NSW, WA and VIC
  • Advance - Advancing pets lives
  • Wood Ducks at a NSW golf course - Can you help? 

Holidays Alert - Book your dog minders ASAP

Monday June 9th is Queens Birthday - Late June / Early July School Holidays. Whether you have children at school or not, it is important to remember the impact that public holidays and school holidays have on the availability of dog minders. If you are travelling during these times, contact your dog minder now to ensure you can still get service. 

Contact dog minding services

Dog massage classes in QLD and SA

NCTM is running Canine Myofunctional Therapy Certificate courses in July and August in these two states. Booking also available for other states in other months. Note that NCTM also runs equine therapy courses and small animal naturopathy classes for animals. NCTM also runs hypnotherapy, naturopathy and reflexology classes for human studies.

Contact NCTM for animal naturopathy classes

Learn to become a dog trainer

The Australian Dog Trainers Academy runs 'dog trainer' classes in Melbourne and now also offers e-learning classes with their nationally accredited and recognised "Conduct Animal Companion Training Classes RUV4512A' Top Dog K9 Trainers Academy also offers courses in Melbourne over a 26 week period.

Contact 'dog trainer' training courses

Dog Grooming Schools in NSW, WA and VIC

Demand for qualified dog groomers has never been higher. With specialist training in grooming, clipping, colouring, scissoring and up to date dog groomer techniques, your new career could be just a phone call away.

Contact dog grooming schools


Advance - Advancing Pet Nutrition

Advancing Pets lives is why we exist. Visit our website and see that we are not just pet experts but pet lovers as well.

Contact Advanced Pet Nutrition

Wood Duck on a NSW Golf Course

We have an enquiry from a NSW Sapphire Coast golf course that has a problem with Wood Ducks for some years. The green keeper saw a TV show on Austar about USA dogs trained especially to scare off the Wood Ducks. He wants to know if someone offers this service in NSW. If you know of a trained/ professional service that can help, please contact Oz Doggy and we will put you in touch.

Kind Regards
Paul @ Oz Doggy
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA