March 2014 - A fun and furry career with Aussie Pooch Mobile

Aussie PM

Are you a dog lover looking for a fun and exciting career that can provide you with an awesome lifestyle? 

With the demand for our service growing each week, we need more dog loving people to join our team. Read here a story from one of our Franchisees who started just last year and is already reaping the rewards. 

Carey's journey as an Aussie Pooch Mobile franchise in 8 months

At 58 years old Carey wanted to sell his smash repair business in Nowra but did not want to retire.
"I found myself wondering, what now?... Then a friend who had been getting his dog washed with Aussie Pooch Mobile thought it might be a good thing for me to look into, knowing my passion for dogs and the outdoors and also my desire to work for myself.

So I started researching dog wash franchises and business for sale and kept coming back to Aussie Pooch Mobile due to their extensive training, proven marketing and the trusted brand.

Although I was sceptical at first I did speak with other franchisees in the Aussie Pooch system and decided to give it a go.

 Aussie Dog Wash Franchisee
To this day I haven't had a problem and Aussie Pooch Mobile have done everything they said they would plus more.   I  have had to revise my business plan and projections as my earnings have  climbed so rapidly in the first 8 months. 
This is a great way to make a living... What could be better then playing with dogs, meeting new people and getting out and about. I used to get out of bed in the morning thinking who or what was going to give me grief today . but now I'm excited every day looking forward to meeting new dogs and customers who have now become friends." 

Do you want to be your own boss, doing something you enjoy?


What about work life balance?

Whatever your reason now is a great time to join in the fun and profits with Aussie Pooch Mobile and spend your days caring for friendly pooches and love it just as much as Carey and our other Franchisees.

Click Here To find out more about the day to day operations watch our information video

 Aussie PM Franchisee with trailer

We can send you more information that explains the features and benefits of becoming a part of the Aussie Pooch Mobile family - just contact us today and we can send you:

•Franchise info kit •Representatives Position Description •A list of available areas around Australia

To find out more and to organise a discovery day on the road with one of our team phone me now on 0411 553 796 or email and one of our friendly team will contact you.

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Regards Mark Welham Your wagging customers are waiting for you! Aussie Pooch Mobile

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