May 2012 Newsletter

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May is here and depending where you are - the leaves are falling and the woolly jumpers come out of the wardrobe.

In rural New Zealand during the 1970s the frosts would be thick on the grass around the cows and their steaming breath. Our dogs Flash (as fast as Flash Gordon) and Ruth (daughter of Flash) would tear around from cold morning light until foggy farm night - before bedding down in their cold kennels. I do recall the warm winter blankets also came out for the farm dogs - and the kennels were repositioned to make use of the morning and afternoon winter sunshine. On those cold mornings - it was one of the nicest sights and sounds to see and hear the dogs lapping from their steaming bowls of warm milk - taken warm straight from the milking line before it was chilled in the vat.

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Minders needed - Must Love Dogs!

Many dogs don’t fare very well in kennels and their owners fret too. If you love dogs you can help a lovely dog (and their owner) to have a happy holiday by welcoming the pooch into your home when the owners go away.

You tell us the types of dogs you would like to mind and how often and we’ll do the rest. You’ll meet each dog beforehand to ensure they fit in with your household and they’ll bring their own food and bedding. All you need to provide is a secure environment and lots of TLC. You’ll be rewarded with a wagging tail and small daily allowance.

Call “Don’t Fret Pet!” today on 1300 30 70 21 or see more details here

Oz Doggy - Dog Minders and Pet Sitters - Quick contact list:

Live life and have fun with a happy and well trained dog in 2012!

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