Dog Minders Update - September (Filed)

Would you like to be a dog minder OR need a minder for your dog? And what's your favourite rescue link?

Our September eNewsletter gives you good picks for in-home dog minders (and to be a minder) + Oz Doggy rescue link of the month.


"Don't Fret Pet!" -

Do you love dogs?  Would you like to mind one in your home when its owner goes away? You tell us the size/breed of dog you’d like to mind – short or long-term, whatever suits you.  Visit our website or call 1300 30 70 21 to get involved

Top Dog Minders Australia -

For your convenience, minders are located all around Melbourne including Bayside, the Peninsular and now also Geelong and Perth! If your dog prefers only human company then they can stay with a Minder that doesn't currently own a dog. See website for details.


Oz Doggy connects! Many new dog related businesses are not sure where to start with online promotion. They try local newspaper advertising (which offers a direct local pitch) but then that newspaper is also delivered to non-dog owners and may just end up lighting the fire! There is also the fact that as people are very mobile these days, transferring jobs and moving interstate, they can move in and out of your suburb before you know you have lost or possibly gained a new customer.

So Oz Doggy helps businesses and dog owners connect every day. Visitors regularly check in for minders, groomers, pet transport and businesses like "Don't Fret Pet!" and Top Dog Minders receive 24/7 service 365 days a year to connect to dog owners online.

Pet Rescue of the month:

We like the work of Friends of the Hound, rehoming Greyhounds and recommend them to Oz Doggy visitors. All Greyhounds re-homed through Friends of the Hound are desexed, vaccinated, micro chipped and come with collar, muzzle and warm dog coat. The adoption fee for Greyhounds is $195

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