April 2011 Newsletter


Here's the latest Oz Doggy news update for April 2011:


  • Dog Toilets? Yes! Available now in Australia
    Bonbi Dog Toilets are available now from Perth based Furkids!  Seems like a good idea - particularly for dogs living in apartments and for dog owners wanting the latest for their pet. More info below.


  • Dog Massage Certificate and Diploma Courses
    Graduates are eligible to join the Small Animal Naturopathic Association as a full member. Talk to NCTM about small animal naturopathy, hypnotherapy, dog massage and equine herbs study. Find out about the next intake date that suits your schedule - or ask about distance learning options. Contact NCTM


  • Looking for a Dog Minder or Pet Sitter for Easter?
    Sitters visit your home - Minders take your dog to their home. Remember Easter and School Holidays are times of peak demand and if you haven't organised your Easter dog minder yet? You had better hop to it!.




APRIL 2011 special: Oz Doggy baseball caps now available at $15 EA including postage - OR FREE when you buy two or more Dog Grooming DVDs in one order in April.


Dog Toilets continued:

Whether you live in an apartment or a house the Bonbi dog toilet is perfect for any application and best of all, it looks discrete. There is also a great range of innovative products to help you with the undesirable mess, including training pads, indoor pet toilets, sanitary belts, dog underwear and poo pouches. Oz Doggy received a call just last week from a Brisbane dog owner desperate for replacement pads for their dog toilet - as the local outlet had none. We were very happy to refer the caller to Bonbi Dog Toilets.



Oz Doggy Easter Dog Minder - National Quick Contact list:

  • "Don't Fret Pet!" - Phone 1300 30 70 21
    Servicing: QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA
  • Top Dog Minders - Phone 1800 867 364
    Servicing: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth suburbs
  • Lonely Pets Club - Phone 1300 283 353
    Servicing: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Hervey Bay


Live life and have fun with a happy and well trained dog!



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