Rotti turned rotten

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Rotti turned rotten

I have a 12mth old Rotti cross Golden retriever. He is becoming completely uncontrollable. He will no longer sit on demand or stay and is jumping up on everyone who enters our house. He is distructive and has eaten walls, pavers, shoes my children's toys the lino and a pair of glasses. I have spent hundreds of dollars on toys but they dont last for two seconds as he just eats them. If there is a baby in the house he will bark at them and then growl. He has the nicest personality and i don't want to loose him. But my family have said that it will have to change or he has to go. Please help me. I would only let him go if he could go to the police force to work
Posted: 13/10/2007

Answer: Rotti turned rotten
My first dog was a Rotti X Lab! Well ... I tend to think this is more so the Golden Retriever coming out as apposed to the Rotti. Some Goldens can be very wild for their first few years of life. In this case - you really need to get tough and firm. Firstly I would suggest to you crate training, that should solve a few problems and secondly you need to really get stuck in to super regular training with a professional to get you on the right track. I would also double, if not triple exercise levels. Can you employee a dog walker to help out??
Posted: 04/11/2007   

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