Rottie killing chickens and birds, Brisbane Qld

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Rottie killing chickens and birds, Brisbane Qld

Our 8 month old Rottie killed a small wild bird a week ago - this morning he appeared with a dead fully grown chicken in his mouth - not our chicken... I assume he killed it? We live on fenced acreage. We don't know how he is getting out of our property. He is desexed. What can we do to stop him from doing this again?
Posted: 18/10/2007

Answer: Rottie killing chickens and birds, Brisbane Qld
Oh no!!! This is not good! Getting out is one thing, but protecting the wildlife and local animals is another! I would grab four largish cat bells or similar for your pet shop and put them all on his collar in a bunch or on one ring. A cat or dog can control one bell (so that potential prey is unaware!) but 3 -4 bells they can not control. At least this will give some early warning signs to anything on his next hit list! Apart from this you will have to try and find the escape route. I do feel that the bells will help.
Posted: 04/11/2007

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