Border Collie wont walk, Caboolture (Qld)

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Border Collie wont walk, Caboolture (Qld)

I have a 16mth old Male Desexed Border Collie who refuses to walk on a lead. We have tried obedience training - he failed to pass Class 1 - due to his jumping, tug of war and tripping behaviour. We have tried a head harness, and leaving it on without a lead to get him used to it but he had it off within 2 minutes. It was put on properly, we watched the accompanying dvd to be sure. He is about to lose most of his backyard due to a pergola and we desperately need to start walking him. Is it just a matter of patiece or is their a particular method we can use to help.
Posted: 17/10/2007   

Answer: Border Collie wont walk, Caboolture (Qld)
Ah yes, Border Collies will turn inward if their smarts aren't put to use!! I think that you may need to invest some dollars and find a really fabo trainer. Not all trainers work well with all dogs. And all dogs respond to different techniques. I would tend to stay away from the big franchise's as they can tend to be a bit stagnant in their techniques. Speak to your vet in hope that they can recommend someone who they have actually worked with. Another thing to keep in mind is that you own a very very smart dog. Once you have the training under control look in to some fun exercise's / activities.
Posted: 04/11/2007 

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